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Do you ever have those rare moments where you say to yourself, ‘It’s good to be alive, and thank you God for my life...and experiencing your wonder. THANK YOU.’ Of course you do. If you’re like me, you just wish you had more of them. On the other hand, if we had them all the time we wouldn’t appreciate them when they do arrive.

Jan and I have the very good fortune of spending several weeks each March down in Mt. Dora, Florida. We’re also fortunate to have access to a beautiful condo right on the water where we can watch the sunset every night, with our Coronado moored in view of the setting sun. There’s just something about sitting near the water, watching the day lumber into night that sooths the soul...and yes, makes you realize how lucky you really are. Life is good.

It’s moments like this the harsh political antics of those running for office, news of terrorism, economic realities, and other world problems seem to vanish into thin air...and really don’t matter. During these rare moments it’s just you and beautiful mother nature God has created for you to enjoy. Your nerves calm, worries evaporate, and all seems right with the world. Some will prefer to stay indoors and watch some meaningless show on TV, when the quality of life can be vastly improved by ‘disconnecting’ from electronics and investing some time to unwind and appreciate what’s right in front of our noses. My hope is these moments will cross your path, and that you will recognize them for what they are. Make time to enjoy the simple things around you, and know you have experienced a small slice of heaven.

Happy boating,

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