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The sun is beginning to set, the lake is nearly glass smooth, and the temperature is...perfect. The boat slowly glides through the channel in front of the lakeside restaurant, the engine echoing a low intoxicating rumble that everyone seems to recognize. Momentarily everyone stops eating and gazes at the beautiful classic slither by, as for the briefest of moments they are transported back to a more genteel and simple time during the golden era of boating.

As you pilot your mahogany beauty by you can't help notice all eyes are on you and your boat. You know they're thinking--- "Wow, now that's really living". And you think to yourself, "Yes, you're right, it is". It's at this moment you truly appreciate the real joy of classic boating, in spite of any and all the efforts of acquiring, restoring, and maintaining your classic boat. You have arrived, and life is good...really good.

Do you receive the same looks, the same respect, the same envy when piloting a new fiberglass ski-boat with the ski-tower and speakers blaring away? I don't think so. Classic boating is a different kind of boating. Classic means more than just the 'era' of these boats in my mind. It also means 'classy' boating. Not everyone has the good fortune to enjoy this form of boating, you are in an elite class. This is not snobbery, just a more civilized form of enjoyment of boating, the way it used to be and should be.

Happy boating,

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