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Longboarding- moving a stiff or flexible 2 ¾" x 17" board with sandpaper attached in a forward and backward motion to achieve a smooth surface. Extremely tedious, tiring, time-consuming, at times painful, and easily put off or avoided if not disciplined. Arms may fall off. Usually requires no less than two beers at conclusion of session, more if medically required for pain.

Yes, the dreaded longboarding. So you think the boat is faired just right after using your R/A or D/A power sander. It was quick, easy, and not all that difficult taking those bungs down...and the hull looks pretty darn good from twenty feet. Then you take a closer look and gently run your hand down the sides, first up and down, then length wise. Uh-oh, the dreaded dips and high spots. There's only one remedy, get out the long board and work your way around the boat several times, marking with a pencil any high spots. Ugh, do I really have to go that much trouble? No, of course not. Not if you want a cottage cheese finish. Put forth the extra effort and reap the beautiful results.

You can say the same about life. The truly successful people I've met in my life are the ones who always do more than asked, more than what's required, more than the minimum. They never settle for 'good enough' They do what they sometimes don't want to do, what most don't want to do. But they do it anyway.

My dad often told me successful people are successful for a reason, and those that aren't are also for a reason. It took me awhile to figure that out, but he's right...again. Are there exceptions? Sure, maybe a few. If you look around though, you will see the successful people in life, whether it be financially, in relationships, running a business, solving problems, and even producing that beautiful restoration...is for a reason. They are committed to do what's necessary to achieve the desired result...excellence. Excellence begets success.

So, don't make excuses. Pull out that longboard and get started...whether it's on your mahogany project or life. You won't regret it.

Happy Boating,

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