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Rough Waters

It's a windy day. Crowded with other boats too. Perhaps too windy and crowded to take her out, but you have guests that have been waiting to take a ride in your woody...and they came a long way just to get on the water in your classic. If it were just you the boat would stay on the lift or safely moored to the dock. But it's not about you, and you don't want to disappoint.

You warn the passengers they may get jostled around...and probably wet. Are they still sure they want to go? 'Yes', is the unanimous and enthusiastic response. You force a smile and gather everyone aboard knowing you are going to regret this...hoping they won't.

You take off, a little slower perhaps than you would normally go, but still on plane just the same. The boat does pound a little, the passengers are getting jostled around, and wet too from the strong cross wind blowing the spray into the boat. Just as you predicted, you think to yourself, knowing they all must be miserable. Then you hear a giggle from the back, then a woo-hoo! Suddenly arms go up like they do in a rushing roller-coaster. You take a quick glance back and see nothing but enormous grins and complete exhilaration. They are having a BLAST! Their laughter and exuberation begins to spread to you, then before you know it you're having a blast as well.

Before you know it the ride is over, passengers wet and wearing smiles of complete satisfaction on their faces. Then and there you realize you made someone else's day by doing what you at first did not want to do. And now too you are grateful for that ride with family or friends. Lesson; don't always be a fair-weather boater...or any thing else in life for that matter. Take a chance on rough waters once in awhile. You may be the one reaping the reward.

Happy Boating,

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