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I was going through some photos the other day in an attempt to clean out some of my many boat pictures and began to notice how many were of friends and family just having a good time in the classic boats we’ve owned over the years.

It occurred to me how much good fellowship is enjoyed in these beautiful crafts, evidenced by the smiles of both captain and passengers.  We never discuss politics, religion, economics, or any of the other problems and issues that usually occupy our thoughts during our busy lives.  Instead, as I recall, we usually talk about funny past experiences, past and upcoming vacations, sharing a good joke, and how good life has been to all of us.  Yes, we are indeed fortunate.

I hope you’ll indulge me if I share just a few special boat photos of my family and friends with you.  As you might guess, some of my all time favorites are of my grandchildren behind the wheel with me only ‘supervising’.   It’s during those moments I thank God I’m alive and can He please make this moment last just a little bit longer.

I know all of you have similar photos; perhaps framed on the fireplace mantel, office desk, lake cottage wall, or even in your wallet or purse.  If you’d like to share a special photo with those who regularly visit this site, shoot it to me in an email with a description of the circumstances and we’ll get it posted.

So, next time you’re bored take a few minutes and check out some of your old classic boat photos.  You just may find some real treasures you had forgotten about.  I promise it will make your day.

Happy boating,

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