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After restoring more than a hundred boats, we've seen more than our share of interesting transom names. Most are quite clever, yet more often than not names are reflective of something personal or significant to the boat's owner...sometimes serious and other times humorous.

For example, a Capri we did for a very successful insurance businessman named his boat 'Premium'. Another was for someone who loved dancing with his wife of many years, so they called their boat 'Woody II Shoes'. Yet another named his boat 'Junipero' after his favorite Gin (both of which, I imagine, provide enjoyment and comfort). Some are more serious, like 'Dad's Pride' when a son restored his dad's Chris-Craft after he passed on. Or perhaps 'Seagar', that's an obvious reference to this owner's enjoyment of cigars (I thought that was particularly clever).

Well, now it's my turn as I finish a '63 Coronado for our new user boat. We took quite a few liberties with the original configuration, as we wanted to make it more comfortable for the way we intend to use it. The boat turned out quite stunning in my opinion and everyone who's seen it states, 'Wow, sweet!' So, what do we call her?

My mother passed on earlier this year following a long battle with cancer, and during the calling before the funeral person after person came through the line and talked about how 'sweet' Bonne was and how she was truly going to be missed. My mom also loved boating and never passed up a ride in one of our woodies. As you might now suspect, we are calling the new stunning and sweet Coronado 'Bonnie' after my beloved mother. If you follow this site at all you already know I'm a pretty sentimental guy, so you'll understand why I shed a tear or two when I saw 'Bonnie' for the first time scripted on the transom in gold leaf. It even resembles her signature. It's only right we named the boat after her, and I believe in my heart she had a big smile up above when we did this. I think, too, in a way she'll always be on board for a ride...smiling with us as we enjoy the new boat. What a great feeling I'll always have in this Coronado. Anyway, if you plan to restore a boat that perhaps has special meaning to you...there's nothing wrong with investing some thought and energy around the name. A special boat deserves a special name...it certainly did with mine.

Happy Boating,

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