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I want to take one minute and talk about trailer safety. 'OH NO, not safety!!! ANYTHING but that!' Yes, I can hear what you're thinking, and your mother would not be happy.

All I'm asking is that you take a few minutes before you haul that three thousand or more pounds of mahogany down the road to check your lights, bearings, safety chains, and yes...tires. I'm one of those 'special' people that believe if anything bad is going to happen it's going to happen to someone else. The bad thing about that theory is everyone believes the accident is going to happen to someone else. Well, if you boat and trailer long enough sh*$ is going to eventually happen to YOU.

As you can see from this photo I had my own little run-in with our old friend Murphy. Driving along about seventy-five with a freshly restored Sportsman in tow with what I was told was 'fairly new' tires, there was a very loud bang and rubber flying everywhere...hitting cars on the other side of the road and flinging on the fresh varnish...yikes!

To my very good luck there was a tire store at the very next exit and I immediately pulled in to have it replaced. These new looking tires were badly checked and cracked on the inside where you couldn't easily spot the flaws, which made it more difficult to check. It was a time bomb waiting to happen. Fortunately the boat was on a tandem, or things could have gotten ugly very quickly.

So, please be a safe and responsible boater and check your trailer before towing. It may not only safe your boat, but perhaps even more importantly...a life as well.

Happy (and safe) boating,

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