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1940's Sail Boat

Ok, I realize you know us from restoring ‘powered’ classic runabouts… which is indeed what we specialize in.  But, a friend of mine has a 1940s era racing sail boat that he would like once again to get in the water and use.  But guess what?  Yes, it needs a new bottom.  It’s a pine-stripped boat that was originally in a kit and constructed by the owner.  Even the bottom was of stripped construction and just single planked!  Well, as you might imagine, over the many years in storage the finish and wood have dried out to the point that the poor thing never would have floated and not made it across any finish line. 

He wanted a water-tight bottom and we, of course, suggested a single-layer of Okume bedded with 5200.  He would take off the old strips and bring her to us in that condition.  We did not want to take this on originally, but as he was a good friend and wanted to get her back in the water we did this as a favor, so here she is…