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1951 22' Chris-Craft Sportsman U22

Catherine Hepburn, Henry Fonda, and the young lad Doug McKeon (Billy) riding in that great looking Chris-Craft in the ever-classic movie ‘On Golden Pond”.  If you’ve seen the movie once I’ll bet if you come across it while channel surfing you keep your TV tuned there and finish watching it yet again.  I’ll bet I’ve done that at least a half dozen times.  Yes, it has the famous U-22 that re-ignited public interest in mahogany powerboats, even more so is the fact its just a great movie that can still bring a tear to my eye near the end when Henry and Jane reconcile.  Ok, I’m a sentimental old fool… what can I say.

Even though the Sportsman in the movie was a 1950 model and not a 1951, they are really the exact same boat.  In fact, all the U-22s from the late 40s through the early 50s were the same hull with very few cosmetic differences.  Not only do they have the very classic lines and looks of a true classic, they also provide a great ride, loads of room to move around and store stuff, and are sturdily built.  It was and still is pretty much an ‘all-in-one’ boat… if you could only have just one boat.

This particular model was left uncovered for many years in the elements and allowed to deteriorate to nearly the point of no return.  The power with the boat was a Crown… correct for the ’46 and some ’47 versions, but not a ’51.  A correct MBL was located and is being re-manufactured.  We're doing new bottom structure (keel, frames, chines, gripe) and a new 5200 bottom.

As you can see she needs at least a little attention.  Don’t worry, ole gal, you’ll be all better by the time you leave here.  The new chines were soaked for more than a week before steaming for an hour or so.  Then they were quite easy to bend and twist to the to new framework.

*****Finishing the Project*****


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