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1952 18' Chris Craft Sportsman

The Sportsmans are one of the most functional and utilitarian boats Chris-Craft ever produced. They came in all sizes, from 16’ all the way up to 24’…so you could get them in the size that best fit you and your family. The nice thing about the 18’ models is they’re easy to transport and store. There’s plenty of room to move around, are great for entertaining and cruising, and have steadily increased in value over the last few years. Boaters are learning how much fun these boats can be. This particular boat came to us from Michigan. The owner is quite handy and plans to finish the boat himself, but wanted a little help with the bottom (good priorities) before proceeding with the remainder of the project. As with most of these old boats, the bottom was dried out from years in storage and incurred some hogging in a couple of areas.

The structure was actually in very sound shape. The bottom transom plank was completely shot due to some steel fasteners (not by the current owner) used to tighten the board up a little. They had corroded into the wood and we have included a photo to show how bad they really were. We replaced that along with the chine/splash rails that run the length of the boat. Other than that it was a straight forward bottom and turned out very nice. We were happy to also provide him with a new custom trailer.

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