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1953 Chris Craft Sportsman

A real leaker that, according to its owner, nearly sank at its mooring on numerous occasions resulting in the boat being placed into storage for a couple of seasons. Although the upholstery was still in good shape the finish was badly weathered and needed complete strip, stain and varnish. The flooring was also a horrible red indoor/outdoor carpet that was worn and the bilge had been painted white some time during its life, showing every piece of dirt. The MBL was also a problem with poor starting and inadequate RPMs at speed. We replaced a blown head gasket and converted to 12 Volts. Also started with a new 5200 bottom after replacing multiple frames, replaced soft transom plank, correctly painted bilge, complete strip, stain, and varnish, re-polished hardware, new windshield glass, and flooring. Owner also purchased a new custom ‘Chris-Craft’ trailer painted to match the interior.

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