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1954 Hacker "Sport" Utility

Upon first seeing this boat at the shop, we thought it may be too late to do much with her. Hackers, at least the earlier models, were known as the ‘Steinway of boats’ due to their beautiful lines. They also had the reputation of being fast, primarily due to them being lightly built to generate that extra speed. As a result of that fact many just simply did not survive like the more heavily built Chris-Crafts. This boat is a good example of a lightly built hull that’s barely managed to survive over the years. Add to that she was used on the east coast in salt water then you know the trouble you’ll see. The boat sagged and twisted as we hoisted her off the trailer into the shop. For a moment we feared she may break in half. She was bent all over and hardly had a strait line left. We decided to take the most level area in the shop and build some temporary supports along the keel and chine to get her straitened out. After several hours of taking measurements, levels, and plumbing we got her back to the classic lines that made these boats stand out.

Most of the framework is solid, but many of the battens and planks had already been removed some time ago which contributed to her lack of any rigidity. We’re starting with removing the old and wavy battens and remaining planks, making necessary frame repairs, and then will make all new battens, hullsides, decks, and transom. The owner of her has done many fine restorations himself, but wanted a little help getting her straight and new skin in ½” Honduras Mahogany. He’ll put on a new 5200 bottom and finish her out himself later when we’re done. A small block V8 is planned for power. This ‘Sport Utility’ is perhaps a one of model, or a very low production model at the least.

Before replanking the decks of this unusual and rare Hacker, the owner asked us to make a ‘Triple’ out of her.  So…we added some bulkheads, fabricated the engine hatches and rear cockpit using measurements from a similar Hacker.  It turned out quite nice and is a very attractive enhancement to the utility layout.  Now that she’s re-skinned and re-decked with additional bulkheads she didn’t sag or twist an inch when moving her back to the trailer.  The owner, who also does restorations as a hobby, will do the new bottom and refinish himself as originally planned.  This will make a very seaworthy, comfortable, and dry boat.’  We’ll add some ‘finished’ photos of the boat to the web site when the owner completes her. 

Our time to complete this project was six weeks.


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