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1955 19' Chris Craft Capri

The Capris are one of my favorite boats. I owned a 19’ Capri for several seasons and just loved the boat. Both my kids learned to drive a boat behind the wheel of a ’56 Capri. This particular boat has been stored in a garage in Ft. Wayne for quite a few years. The owner did a very good job of stripping and fairing the boat…but just did not have the room or time to go any further. Our job was to re-fair, repair the blond area king planks, rebuild the engine hatch (came off while trailering), stain, and refinish. Then, the owner will complete the interior, engine, and final details himself.

The blond area wood had dried out quite badly leaving fairly large gaps between the planks. Now, in the natural area you can get away with using some famowood if the gaps are not significant, but they will stick out like a sore thumb in the blond area…so you must replace with perfectly fitted planks to avoid the gaps. We’ve rebuilt the hatch and book matched the wood from the rear of the cockpit to the transom of the boat with one continuous piece of lumber for the entire length (four total planks from side to side). It just makes a much nicer flow and is easy on the eye. As the rear deck tapers towards the transom area, we had to make a special jig to get the proper cut on the table saw. It worked perfect. As always, it takes longer to make the jig than it does to make the cut.

After sealing with two coats and then five un-sanded coats of varnish for buildup, we began the tedious but necessary job of sanding to get out any orange peel and other irregularities. Five more coats (lightly sanding between each coat) and she now has a great look and you're able to see your reflection in the varnish. We also installed the sometimes frustrating windshield bracket for the owner. He will save the fun part of adding the chrome and interior himself. She looked very nice sitting on one of our custom trailers.

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