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1956 15' Chris Craft Cavalier

A local boat to the tri-state area left unattended for many years in the elements, resulting in her becoming badly weathered. The Cavalier series are plywood boats that have the reputation of not holding up as well as the more expensive mahogany planked boats. That especially proved true in this case---most of the plywood delaminating on the decks, transom, and portions of the hullsides, not to mention an engine that would not turn. We started with a new single plank Okume Marine Plywood bottom (as per original) with new bottom battens sealed with CPES and 5200. Also completed were new decks, transom, flooring, engine rebuild (Hercules B) w/ conversion to 12V, the addition of new fabricated ceiling boards with glove box/storage areas, marine radio built into dash, and depth finder. Owner also had us add electric horns, routed (rather that original-type painted) deck seams, dash glove box for concealed radio, and ceiling boards with side storage areas to further enhance the appearance while adding some helpful practical features as well.

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