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1956 20' Century Coronado

We’re always excited to get another Coronado into the shop.  As most of you know, it’s one of my all time favorite woodies.  Good looking, powerful, and one with a lot of usability with it’s open design and capacity for up to eight passengers.  We’ve done many Coronados and this particular boat is just like the one we use at our lake.  And we love it.

The owner purchased this boat from a bank up north that had repossessed it along with other items from some unfortunate soul.  The boat had received some attention along the way, and most of it done incorrectly… as you can see.   She also came with an underpowered Ford V8.  We located a period-correct 331 Hemi which will go in and be a better match for the boat’s performance capabilities.

As always, after documenting every aspect of the boat we roll her over and begin on the bottom.

Oh yeah, the chine splash rails were also shot.  Had to cut and steam new ones. It’s easier to strip and do some rough fairing while the boat is upside down.  Now we’ll roll her over and check out the decks.

We've put in a lot of time and effort on this soon to be Coronado. The owner agreed with us that she needed new decks. The original planks were both dried out and tired beyond any real though of saving.

We think she turned out quite nice. She scoots with the Hemi. Note how we now have replacement wheel inserts...which you can obtain off of A&A's web site. It just make the boat complete.