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1957 Century Arabian

Surely one of the most attractive runabouts to ever grace the waters of our lakes was the early Arabians. The Arabian's predecessor, the Sea Maid, was also quite beautiful and offered many unique styling ques. Even so, by the mid-fifties more modern styling was in order and the Arabian was born. Production began in 1955...the same year as the very popular Coronado. The Arabian was competing with Chris-Craft's sexy Capri model...a pretty cool boat in its own right, so it had to be a hit with the buying public. And it was. Remember, the popularity of the runabouts was beginning to wane as families wanted more utility in their boats so they could also fish, ski, and do a multitude of other boating activities that the runabout just was not suited for.

This particular boat came from Florida and was purchased by an Indiana client that only lives about twenty minutes from shop. Some restoration efforts had been made by the previous client that were...well, quite poor and miss directed. We're always pleased when we receive a boat with instructions 'to make her as original as possible and don't cut corners'. With that we can produce a fabulous classic.

Where do we always start after photo documentation of all that's here? Of course, the bottom. Once we rolled her over we soon realized an improper hard-epoxy bottom for a Century, using intermediate frame battens rather than the longitudinal battens. That would have to be corrected.
Wow, after all of that it's time to roll her back over and begin working on the hullsides and decks.
Yes, I know the above photos look pretty darn bad. The sanitation department came by and fined us for having an unlicensed dumping ground on our property. They had no idea it was a boat. Then again, I'm not really sure we did either at the time.
The engine hatch blew off the boat somewhere down in Georgia along Interstate 75. We saw on the news later that a Vega was sporting a new top. Anyway, we constructed a new one, building in right in the boat to get the right lines and crown.
Nothing fit in the boat, so we basically had to re-build the entire interior.
A lot of effort went into this classic beauty, but I hope you'll agree with us that she turned out quite beautiful on her new custom trailer. The owner has another Arabian, a '55, which we'll do next.