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1957 15' Delta O/B

This is one of the coolest little boats we've ever worked on. Plus...it comes with a great story as well. There were very few of these Outboards ever produced, and fewer still with the white fins that resemble those of a '59 Cadillac. This boat was purchased at a boat show back when the boat was brand new. It was never rigged and just taken home by the new owner 'as is'. It sat, unused and unrigged in the owners storage for...say, about fifty years. Nope, it never saw the water...ever.

Move ahead to current day. A friend of the original owner learned of the boat and made arrangements for us to refinish her, and then rig the boat for water use. Sounds like fun, eh? We all thought it was about time this ole gal had some fun on the water.

So, I naturally had to be the first one to drive this little cutie on the water. Not absolutely sure, but I thought I heard the boat say...'Finally!' She handled great and was actually quite zippy with the 35hp O/B. I loved it! What a sweet little thing!

Some of these O/Bs are the best looking of the classics.