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1958 18' Chris Craft Continental

A very user friendly Chris-Craft once used as a police boat, complete with two spot lights and a siren that still works (yes, we had to push that button just to see how loud it was). The current owner purchased the boat at auction and nearly lost the boat to excessive leaking on it’s very first voyage with the new owner. She was in for a new 5200 bottom, KFL engine cleaning and tune up, and oil gauge repair. The owner also ordered one of our beautiful custom trailers. The boat desperately needs a refinish and correct upholstery, but that will wait until next year. He has his priorities right, the bottom and engine…then the cosmetics.

Structurally, the bottom was in pretty good shape…just very loose carriage bolts, a chewed up stem/gripe, and excess oil on the frames. After making the necessary adjustments, we cleaned the frames, sealed, painted and then applied the inner layer 4m Okume marine plywood inner layer. Dry fit all the new planks prior to sealing the exterior of the Okume and the inside of the mahogany planks. Trolled the 5200 and the bottom went on like a perfectly fitted puzzle. Filled the screw holes, sanded, sealed, primed and then applied two coats of bottom paint. Now she looks as good (if not better) than new.

Time to complete was about six weeks.

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