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1959 Chris Craft Ski Boat

They called this model the Ski-Boat due to some of its design characteristics that did indeed make it ideal for skiing at the time.  For starters the bottom is flat…I mean really flat, which of course produces a very small wake.  It also had a ‘non-trip’ chine as some called it or a double chine that allows the boat to turn more evenly that the standard hard chine boats.  Most of them had the newer 283 V8s, which provided a great HP/Weight ratio pushed them quickly out of the hole and made them quite fast at the top end as well.  They also had heavy-duty ski poles that bolted to both the keel and engine.

The only draw back of these boats is they were lightly built and rode a little rough in even a modest chop.  That being said, they were quite attractive with sleek lines, two-tone (blond and natural) finish with the blond king planks and wrap-around windshields.  I’ve driven many of them and they are just a blast to drive…powerful and very maneuverable.

As these models did pound pretty hard near the driver’s seat they usually have damage in that area that will need attention sooner or later.  This particular boat is in for a bottom job and some structural repairs.  We will also pay some needed attention to the blond king planks which have weathered poorly compared to the rest of the boat.  The owner brought us the boat stripped of her engine and interior and will re-install those items himself.

As you know by now nearly all of these original bottoms are just plain tired and need replaced.  Sometimes it’s difficult for the owner to know how bad they really are sitting on a trailer, as you simply cannot see most of the problems.  It isn’t until you roll the boat over and can see in good light what you’ve been living with all this time.  No wonder that darn water keeps coming in.

****Finishing the Project ****

Once the blond king planks are badly stained it’s nearly impossible to make them presentable again, even after bleaching.   The owner, with our recommendation, replaced the king planks.  Once stained and varnished the owner will be glad he made the decision for replacement.

Ahhh, now she’s ready for the owner to re-install the engine and interior… then it ‘s off for more fun boating!

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