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1959 Chris-Craft Ski Boat

We seem to be doing quite a few of these ’59-’60 Ski-Boats these days.  This may be our third or fourth one this year, and we just got another one in a couple of weeks ago.  This boat will go to Texas when finished, even though it comes off a lake in northern Indiana.  She’s going to get a new bottom, strip & refinish, and some other cosmetic attention… but the owner will do the interior and some other items himself down the road.

Now it’s on to rolling her over and starting on the hullsides…
The decks were quite bad and really could not be saved and have them look even half way presentable. We went over the options with our client and he agreed the boat needed to be done right and the decks needed replacing. So, she's to get all new Philippine mahogany decks and really look nice.
Once finished with the decks, covering boards, and transom we decided to bleach the boat (as we do on most boats now) before staining.
Now this classic beauty is ready to tear up the lakes in Texas! We took her for a water test and she is really quite fast and turns on a dime. The owner is going to have a blast.