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1959 15' Correct Craft Atom Skier

A couple of years ago we replaced the decks on this nifty little classic, and they turned out quite nice…especially after the owner completed the stain and varnish. We've done several boats for him and he is quite handy at doing the work himself, but as with many of our clients they are very busy with their own businesses and don't always have the time to do the work themselves.

He brought the boat back for a replacement bottom as sometime in its life it had fiberglass overlaid the original plywood. Not only was it pretty darn heavy, but several soft spots from the inside were now apparent. Our mission (should we decide to accept it) was to remove the old and replace with a new original-type plywood bottom. We agreed to do two layers of 4m Okume with staggered seams bedded in 5200 for strength and flexibility. The over-sized Ford 312 V8 is certainly going to twist the boat with all that torque.

As you can see the stem has a little issue with surface rot. Even so, we were able to cut out the rot and find a good foundation to replace just a portion of it with new mahogany…that will work just fine and save the client a few dollars.

Also when we were removing the fiberglass we found it rose higher than it should on the hullside…thus the high waterline near the bow. The client also wanted that corrected. Once we removed that glass significant rot was found and there was no choice than to re-do the hullsides. It was determined the better way to replace the sides was to repair the old sides and then fasten and glue new 3m mahogany right over it. It worked beautifully.

Now she's all better and ready for the Keels & Wheels. She's going to FLY with that 312.