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1960 Correct Craft Atom Skier

This is the third boat we’ve worked on for this particular owner who lives in Oklahoma.  The 15’ inboard should be quite fast with its oversized V8.  She has ¼” mahogany plywood decks that had begun to delaminate over time and it was time to replace them.  The boat generally is in very good shape, so all we did was remove the old decks and replace with new mahogany plywood, route, and then caulk the seams.  This owner is pretty good at doing his own refinish work, so he’ll do that himself.  The engine box suffered a slight accident during trailering, so we replaced that top as well.  When the box flipped back it hit and broke the rear frame.  All the decks were nailed on, but we used #8 fasteners for extra strength.  Once stained no one will know the difference.

Now, that wasn’t so bad.  All the owner needs to do is stain and varnish…then she’s ready for the water, where she’ll go like a bat out of…well, you know.

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