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1960 19' Chris-Craft Capri

We've had the pleasure of working on a number of Capris...probably ten or so. In fact, we have three in our shop right now. Two 1960s and one 1956. Chris-Craft really outdid themselves when they designed these popular runabouts. They're sleek, fast, handle well, and have some of the best lines of any boat during that era. Granted, they don't offer the ride of the larger utilities, but when you look that good on the water who cares?

We received a call from a gentleman who lives in Birmingham, AL late last fall. He was getting married in mid-April. He had this boat in his Honda dealership showroom and wanted it refinished to be used in his wedding. It would need almost everything, new bottom, complete refinish, chrome, new windshield panels, etc. Could we turn a boat around that fast...like say in four months? My first thought was, of course, no way.

I happened to mention it to the guys at the shop and I thought they were going to strangle me. "Of course we can do it for the wedding! Love conquers all, and we'll work extra hours to get it done!" So...I told him we can and will have it done by the first week of April. Uh-oh, now we have made the commitment...so we have to make good on it.

I don't know where 'Knightdream' came from, but it definitely will not work for a wedding boat. He's going to change it...smart guy.
Either there was one very hungry beaver, or the boat hit something pretty darn hard during its last ride. No wonder the bilge was worn out.
How did that cigar get in the picture???
All better now. Just keep an eye on that beaver!
You really can't repair the blond sections and have them look right. It's best just to replace those planks and get a tight fit. Filling the seams with famowood will look terrible once stained and varnished.
In case you're wondering, he's going to marry an Italian woman. So the transom name means 'I love life'. Couldn't come up with a better name myself.
Now that's what I call a wedding boat! We made it with a week to spare. Whew! (We're all such sentimental goofs here. Anything for proclaimed love.)