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1960 Chris Craft Ski Boat

A boat from the tri-state area that had been used on a regular basis and was ready for a makeover. The finish was just plain worn out from continued use and time in the sun. These are powerful boats with the 283 V8 and make a fun all around boat for the family or evening cruise. The two tone natural/blond contrast provide a very attractive combination. The bottom is also in pretty sad condition, but the owner will bring her back next year to address that…so it’s just the refinish for now.

After stripping off the old varnish and stain, we discovered many soft spots…some so bad the lumber crumbled in our hands and would not hold together any longer. Many of these problem areas can remain hiding for many seasons beneath stain and varnish. We removed the bad sections and replaced them with new Philippine Mahogany. We also replaced the exhaust hoses, and did some carburetor work as well. Now she runs strong…and looks pretty good too. The owner was very pleased.

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