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1963 20' Chris-Craft Holiday

The later Holidays and Super-Sports shared the same hull, it was the finer details that defined their differences...the Holiday offering a few more luxuries than the SS. We did a partial restoration on this particular boat several years ago and now the owner wants the vinyl decks replaced and the cabinetry replaced under the deck with a more convenient entry door and matching stain.

These decks had 'fluted' vinyl on the decks rather that the flat vinyl that you find on the SSs. The owner had an antique auto upholsterer make up the material special to match the original, so he saved us some legwork there.

It didn't take us too long to complete the project, the most time involving the removal of the king plank down the center of the deck, and then re-placing, staining and varnishing. I must say the forward deck does indeed look much better now.