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1965 21' Chris-Craft Super Sport

These are big roomy boats. Every time I'm in one of them I think comfort. We've done a few of these now, and they are becoming popular as they are inexpensive to acquire, have modern V8 power, and offer a very nice ride. About the same as a Coronado, only without the ¾ seat.

This boat had been upside down for ten years and was brought to us on a flatbed trailer. The owner decided it was time to finally get her done, and was kind enough to bring her to our shop so we could get her back on the water.

I'll let the photos do the talking...

The bottom went down without a hitch, albeit without a few repairs along the way. Now on to the side and deck planking. Then she'll begin looking like a boat again.
Uh-oh, bondo and some elmer glue is not going to fix this. Time for some major repairs.
As always, a lot of hard work, but definitely worth it. Now this classic will be able to enjoy seasons of great boating with her owner. She's heading down to AL.