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1966 17' Century Resorter

If you want a fun, often overpowered, and great looking classic powerboat that's easy to trailer, easy to store, and even easy on the pocket book...then these 17' Resorters are the answer for you. There are a lot of these boats around, and many of them can be purchased for little money. That said, most are on their original bottoms and leak like sieves. Once they receive a proper bottom, however, these very fast and maneuverable boats are a blast to drive and are quite dry in spite of their economical size.

We restored another Resorter for this lady from Seattle a few years ago and now she brought us another. She loves them so much two more were purchased that we'll be doing over the next few years. One more Resorter and she can officially claim herself as a marina with five of them.

Ok, rather than explain all that's happened to the boat I'll let the pics do the talking.

Yes, we've had worse. Even so, this poor ole gal has seen better days and seems to be pleading, 'Hey, please don't let me wither away!' Well, between a very caring owner and our shop we'll turn this withering boat into a reborn beauty. As always after documenting, we'll start with the bottom.
Ok, now that she has a proper bottom and bottom structure we can roll her back over and begin working on the more fun aspects of the restoration...the hullsides and decks.
The covering boards as well as some topside planks could not be saved and needed replacing with new African mahogany.
After completing all the plank replacement, fairing, and final sanding she was finally ready for staining, using the original Century formula from A&A.
New decks (which will be covered in vinyl) along with the furniture were fabricated.
Now this pretty lady will please her owner and turn heads wherever she goes! Oh, we'll be starting a 19' Resorter for her in the spring.