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1967 19' Century Resorter

The ’67 19’ Resorter is one of the best all around Centurys produced in my opinion. This one also has the Ford Interceptor engine which only adds to the appeal of this model. It’s a great riding and performing boat. The ample beam makes it one of the roomiest 19’ boats ever produced. This boat is heading to the Seattle area but was purchased in Indiana by a lady who’s a true boater, owning several other boats. This Resorter had been restored some time ago with a new WEST bottom which has since spored significant rot in the transom and again some areas of the stem. Our orders were to remove the WEST bottom, make the necessary repairs and then replace with a new 5200 bottom. While we have the boat we’re also installing a new custom interior from A&A Marine, complete refinish, chrome, and electronic ignition.

Removing this WEST bottom has been a real nightmare. We’ve done several like this before and they always result in significant amounts of time to remove, as it basically has to be cut off and then chiseled off the frames and keel. You have to be very careful, otherwise you’ll be replacing all the frames as they have a tendency to spilt and splinter as you pull it off. A job not to be rushed.

********* UPDATE 11-22-07 *********

Well, finally after getting off that awful WEST bottom that took hours, hours, and even more hours, we replaced the notorious bottom transom frame that was rotted and then proceeded with the new 5200 bottom. It turned out great and we’re re-finishing now. .

********* UPDATE 2-22-08 *********

We almost have this Resorter back together, and she’s turning out very nice. 1967 was perhaps the only year you could have a black bottom and the double-stripe on the hullsides. Both add an attractive and distinctive touch to an already beautiful boat. Next is the engine re-install, then flooring and the seats. Will do a water test this spring when the weather breaks. Perhaps we can get some good action shots on the water. She should really fly with the Ford Interceptor engine!

The custom interior from A&A really worked out quite well. The only difference is the 1967 standard color for this 19’ Resorter was green/silver. Our client decided she would rather have the Century blue/silver combo…which was a very good choice and more attractive. This small and attractive variation on the original will not hurt the value of the boat, and in fact will show better. She also asked us to replace her badly worn canvas cover with a new Sumbrella top, and then had us place the boat on a new trailer.

When we first water tested this Resorter we were pleasantly surprised at how much power she had, even for the normally strong-engined Century workhorse model. It was so quick out of the hole with this original 250hp Ford Interceptor that it literally threw our heads back a little. She’s very fast (over 45mph), rides extremely well, and is an exceptionally dry boat in even rough waters. We received many thumbs up while running her on our home lake. I wouldn’t mind using her as our boat for the summer…but, the nerve of the client wanting her boat for her own enjoyment. Not to worry, she already has another Resorter for us to do which you’ll see during one of our summer web updates.

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