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1968 21' Century Coronado

The '68 Coronado is the last year of the wood Coronados. Sturdily built like all her predecessors, beamy, and providing a great internal layout for entertaining or just serving as the family utility, they make great 'all purpose' boats while still offering very handsome looks. Our client purchased this Coronado at an auction and then discovered she had bottom issues and required two bilge pumps to keep up. When we examined the boat we immediately noticed hard epoxy had been used as 'filler' between the bottom plank seams...which only made matters worse by tearing up whatever good wood was there. There were also some pretty bad dock gouges that needed attention before the exposed wood became even more damaged with exposure. The engine needed some minor attention and the upholstery also needed some repairs. Other than that the boat was actually in pretty darn good shape.

Unfortunately, there were some other issues that could not be seen until the bottom came off. Chines are obviously very important to the overall structure of the boat, and they bear a lot of stress as the hull pounds through the water.
What you see here is a classic example of 'don't judge a book by its cover', or 'beauty is only skin deep'. When first looking at this beautiful Coronado most will only see the surface and expect the remainder of the boat to be equally sound and in good shape below the surface. This is where most make the mistake and then are surprised and disappointed when the boat takes on water or otherwise does not perform as expected. It's kinda like buying an old house. The paint and roof may look in good shape and the home looks just beautiful, but the plumbing may be shot.
After repairing the gouges we went ahead and put on a coat of varnish to make her shiny. She turned out great and now she can look forward to many years of good family fun.