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1949 22' Chris-Craft Sportsman (U-22)

I'm really not sure how many U-22s we've done, but I think it's seven or eight. One of the most recognizable Chris-Crafts ever produced...and in my opinion one of the best of the overall classics to own if you're only going to have just one. They are roomy, good riding, great looking, and a good investment. My only complaint is they were underpowered for all that mahogany you're pushing through the water. Several we've done were re-powered with V-8s. One of them is even our lake...and she hauls a%$#, if you know what I mean.

This boat comes from St. Louis, and was restored once before...and not a good job. Terrible stain, wrong color, multiple short planks, wrong interior, incorrect bottom, etc., etc. Now, we're not to correct all the problems, but we'll start with a proper 5200 bottom, then strip, stain (correct color), and varnish. New flooring, restore the steering wheel, new flooring, and get the engine in good running condition.

The bottom is fiberglassed (ugh), and as most do it leaks terrible after years of glass and old wood not moving together. So, here we go...

As we find in most boats, much of the framework needed attention. We repair what we can, and replace the rest.
Now it's on to the sides, decks, and transom.
As you can see, this boat had incurred many dutchmans, incorrect colored plank repairs, cracked planks and supports, etc., over its life. The owner elected to keep the wood that was there, so we did our best to repair and make presentable for stain.
On this project we retained the un-original gauges, interior, and much un-original hardware. But she turned out pretty nice and will function well as an everyday user for the owner and his family. The new flooring added much to the overall looks of the boat, in lieu of the drab brown carpet.