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1954 20' Century Sea Maid

Century produced some truly outstanding designs during their hey days, and one of those were the Sea Maids. These runabouts were the predecessor to the very popular Arabians and was their flagship model prior to the Coronados, which came out in 1955. These attractive boats were finished with the two-tone stain (blond and natural) and very plush interiors for the time. More of the smaller versions were manufactured, but the 20' version was definitely the more comfortable and better riding of the two.

This unfortunate lady had been worked on off and on over the years by various owners and then finally left under a tarp outside for many seasons until she was 're-discovered'. Bringing her to the shop was quite a trick, as when the tarp was removed there must have been about a million bees in numerous hives and all of us got stung at least once getting her ready for travel. We finally decided to leave the hives, bees and all, just where they were and realized the hull would clean itself out as we went down the highway at 70 mph. And boy were those bees ticked off. Finally the bees gave up and the wind took dominance over the hull cleaning out any remnants of bee life.

This now lucky lady is to receive the full make-over, starting with a new bottom. Then it's all new hullsides, transom, and decks with ribbon African mahogany. We are 'gluing & screwing' her together for added strength and the elimination of moving plank seams. We'll skin the boat with 3m Okume, then glue and screw the African over that. Chrome, flooring, interior from A&A, gauges from Kocian, rebuilt original power, etc., etc. She will be quite the boat when finished. Should take us a month or two. Uh-huh.

Now it's on to the decks. Unfortunately they are nearly as bad as the bottom was.
Now let me just say the decks on the Sea Maids, both fore and aft, are some of the trickiest I've done. This one had four different sections...the two section covering board up front, then the blond section, and finally the torpedo. It just takes a lot of time, but will be quite 'cool' when done.
Now it's on to fairing, getting the chrome done, interior ordered, etc. CD's Engines is rebuilding the original Gray power.

Getting closer...

I'll just let the pix do the talking. A LOT of time in this, as I'm sure you can imagine. The results have been great.

We're about 95% there. Some parts are being re-chromed, waiting on hydem, final wiring, etc., etc. Need another fifty hours or so.
Wrapping her up... This has been a very long project, with lots of little pitfalls along the way. But...in the end she turned out quite nice and took the Best Runabout award at her first show. The owner is very happy to be behind the wheel and do some real boating in this beauty. Now, where can I find another one of these?
One of Century's best designs ever.