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1956 26’ Chris-Craft Continental

Chris-Craft produced some truly awesome Utilities. I’d have to say the Sportsmans reign supreme in the terms of overall popularity, numbers produced, and length of service. They ran several decades. Once their styling began appearing dated however, CC decided to update the appearance of their ‘go-to’ Utility models. It began with the early 50s Holidays, then they enhanced that design with the very popular Continental series. It added blond stained king-planks, ceiling boards, and extra hardware. They were just an ‘upscale’ version of the Holidays. They came in 18’, 20’, 23, and the enormous 26’ lengths.

This boat came off of Lake Geneva, after is served it its owner many good years of use. At some point it was repowered with a 350 GM engine...which helped its performance quite a bit. The owner decided to put the boat up for sale, and her new owner, from San Francisco, decided to acquire her for his lake home on Lake Tahoe. Although the boat could have been used in her current condition, she was definitely showing signs of her age...and it was time for a new bottom and some other cosmetics.

Our task was to install a new 5200 bottom, new sides, transom, and decks...glue/screwed to handle the Tahoe elevation and dry conditions, new flooring, and custom trailer. The interior was to be saved, and she came to us with a good report on the engine and mechanics...so some good news there.