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1959 15' Correct Craft Atom Skier

We're beginning to see more of these boats coming out of storage and being restored. This is the third or fourth one we've done in the last few years, whereas before we never saw them at all. The owner is a young professional up in Michigan and has owned this boat for many years. He is very handy and easily could have restored the boat himself, but like many other classic boat owners time is the real issue keeping them from the BIG restoration commitment.

The Correct-Crafts of this era lightly built plywood boats much like the Cavaliers, but these have a LOT of power...mainly Ford Y-Blocks...which made them great ski-boats.

We stripped a section of the badly worn decks to see if they could be saved, but the gray protruded well into the thin veneer and would never varnish up well, so we replaced the decks with new lumber.
The bottom was in good condition, so all we had to do was sand, patch, sand again, then paint. Once the engine is back we'll install and wrap this fast little boat up.
Wrapping her up... The more we approached completion on this very cool little speed demon, the more we became attached to her. Now that she's done, it's kinda sad to see her go. Not a big water boat by any stretch, but if you get a calm day and want your hair to stand on end this is the boat for you.