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1960 19' Chris Craft Capri

As the 1950s came to a close the once popular wood runabouts were in the 'winter' of their lifespan. Utilities were the new boats of choice, and had been for some time now...really since the end of the 40s and the dawn of the 50s with the popular Sportsmans and then followed with the Holidays and Continentals. Even so, the runabouts were still the sexier of the two configurations and retained a certain segment of the boating public that still preferred the sleek and racy looks of the Rivieras, Capris, Customs, etc.

One of the more popular runabouts of that era was the Capri. With the first model year beginning in 1955, it had remained pretty much the same boat for four years, finally receiving a pretty significant makeover in 1959. The model was virtually unchanged in 1960. Still very attractive boats with the two-tone finish (blond and natural), many buyers could not resist having one of them tied up to their dock.

Now this particular boat is a very rare find. The new owner located this boat down in North Carolina after being in storage for decades, with very low hours, unmolested, and even with its original varnish. She was truly an original untouched boat...also unusable due to the bottom drying out to the point of never swelling tight again. The original varnish was now cracking and peeling badly, and ignoring this condition would only have damaged the mostly good wood underneath.

I believe you'll love these photos...

As you might imagine, we struggled a bit at first even 'touching' this rare and original boat...but the owner was going to have it done by someone. So of course we agreed to the work and then made it up on our minds we would treat her with extra-special care.
Two coats of bottom paint and she's ready to roll back over and start on the topsides and decks.
Finishing the project.... Once the bottom is done, we start with the really fun stuff.
Replacing the transom covering board. Pays to be patient when clamping the new piece.
Always best to bleach the boat. It provides more consistent wood color prior to staining.
An interesting shot of two Capris we just finished. One a '60, and the other a '55. Both pretty darn sexy. 'Chillin', the 1960 has a 283 for power, while 'Princess' has a 331 Hemi. Both scoot along quite well.
'Chillin' was chosen for the name as the owner is in the commercial refrigeration business. Cool huh? (sorry for the pun). We're doing another boat for him over the winter, a very rare and awesome 1947 Gar Wood Commodore. Time for another boat lift.