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1962 23' Chris-Craft Holiday

These boats look like they're doing 50mph moored at the dock. One of the sleekest lines Chris-Craft drew were the later Holidays and Super-Sports. They were basically the same hull with minor cosmetic differences separating the two. The Holidays were a little 'glitzier' with more chrome, fancier upholstery, that sort of thing. Some came with 427 or 413 engines...which mean they could really fly, many doing over 50 mph.

Unfortunately this particular lady was left neglected and abandoned in a field somewhere around Chicago for many years. She was really showing the wear and tear of spending entirely too much time in the open elements of Midwest winters.

The owner picked her up at a very reasonable price and decided she was worth saving. He owns several woodies and has done most of the work himself on his other boats, but this one was just a little more complicated and he wanted us to do most of the heavy lifting. He'll finish putting most of the interior in and attend to the mechanicals.

She's to get a new 5200 bottom, all new sides, decks, and transom. Then we'll install new flooring and windshield. So, here we go...

Ok, this one is going to take at least 2 fifths of vodka and at least three boxes of Montecristo #3 cigars...and that's if all goes well.
The forward sheer plank is always the toughest to get on without snapping into little pieces. There are compound bends and you're asking a lot of the wood. Take your time and have about 200 clamps ready. Best done with two sets of hands.
What the f......??? I guess we better fix that first before putting that last strake on.
Now she's ready to do some serious boating again!