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1963 19’ Century Resorter

One of the true workhorses of the Century Boat Company was the versatile Resorter models. They came in a variety of lengths from 15’ – 21’, and more power options than you can imagine. Cypress Gardens used them for years as their primary towing boat. One of the most unusual designs Century came up with was the ‘Carrier Deck’ configuration. The forward deck was large and squared off at the bow, rather than coming to a point as nearly every other boat was. This design was only offered from 1958 – 1963, limited to the 19’ model, and was considered quite radical at the time. Even though it was perhaps the driest of the Resorters ever produced, the style really never caught on in the numbers Century hoped for, and the ‘Carrier Deck’ style was dropped for a more streamlined look in 1964.

Today this model has mixed appeal. Boaters either like them or they don’t. Not much in between. There was a time in more recent memory where many in the hobby looked down on them as just plain ‘odd’. Lately however, these models are making a very strong comeback due primarily to this unusual style, dry ride on rougher waters these days, limited numbers, and attractive acquisition cost. I’ve seen many of these in rather sound and complete condition go for $5k or so. Not bad.

This boat was shipped up to us from Miami. The owner had the boat for many years and took very good care of her. That said, she needed a new bottom and other cosmetics due to the effects of time. As you look at these photos you immediate think ‘why is he having any work done, it looks fine to me?’ Well, keep looking and you’ll see why. Even the best looking of boats can hide pretty serious problems.