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1968 22’ Riva Ariston

Would you like to talk about one of the coolest boats on the planet? How about the ever-enduring and ultimate ‘I’ve arrived’ boat...the Riva Ariston. Carlo Riva designed some of the sexiest boats ever produced...anywhere and anytime. Yes, there’s the massive Aquarama, the Junior, and others...but Carlo himself said the Ariston was his favorite model. I think I agree with him, and so did a lot of other boaters...supporting a production run of twenty-four years (1950-1974).

Not just stunningly beautiful, these boats are designed and built for big water. I remember the first time I drove one. It was down at the big boat show in Tavares, FL when my good friend Herb Hall had access to one and let me take the wheel for a thrilling ride. My first thought was ‘hmmm, this is different...and I like it!’ These are different animals than your standard Chris-Craft, Century, Gar Wood, etc. So, we did have a learning curve on getting up to speed with this project.

The boat came from Lake Tahoe, again located for my client by Mr. Hall. It was shipped here for some cosmetic work. The previous owner had fiberglassed over the decks and it just looked bad. So did the varnish, stain, and the interior was all wrong. We had the very generous help and advise from the two Riva Gurus in the US, Herb Hall of Sierra Boat Company and Alan Weinstein and his shop is Florida. I have to give credit where credit is due. So here I give a big THANKS for their assistance.

Here we go...

Another difficult, yet very rewarding project. There are only two of the Aristons in Indiana, and by chance we have another on the schedule to come in the fall of 2017.