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Jan and I had a great day. We boated over to one of our local haunts on the lake for breakfast with friends. Then our daughter, son-in-law, and our one-year-old grandson arrived and we leisurely boated around three of the five lakes in our beautiful Lake James chain here in northern Indiana...stopping for lunch (again via boat) at another of our favorite spots...observing other families and friends enjoying their boating activities. Smiles on everyone’s faces, everyone waving to each other enjoying the ‘good life’. Indeed, it is the good life...and all know it.

We took turns driving, tubing (OK, the grandson did neither), and just general cruising on a spectacular lake day of mid-80s temps and calm winds. Later during the day we boated again to yet another diner on the water for dinner. Later we opened the Coronado up and let her stretch her legs a bit as we found some very smooth water...and I think the boat was saying ‘Yeah, this is more like it!’.

Then, after a wonderful day we decided it was time to head back and build a campfire by the shore and make some s’mores. I took this shot as we were just about home, heading into one of the many beautiful sunsets we’ve enjoyed this summer. It never gets old. It was then my daughter looked over and touched me on the elbow and said with a huge grin, ‘Dad, it doesn’t get any better than this’. I smiled back with a tear of complete happiness in my eyes and said, ‘you’re right’. A great day we’ll remember for years to come.

Are you making memories? I hope so. If not, start making them. Our time here is short, so make the best of it.

Happy boating,

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